The Agile Machine

Welcome to the home of The Agile Machine, a people based device designed to transform ideas into value.

the agile machine image value chainThe accompanying pages provides an overview of The Machine, its benefits, guidelines for use, and the all important safety instructions. Used safely and effectively The Agile Machine will allow your IT development team to: release more rapidly, build more efficiently, respond more flexibly, plan more reliably, deliver higher quality and ultimately make a direct, positive contribution to ROI and your organisation’s competitive advantage. In a world where business success is increasingly reliant on innovative, flexible technical solutions, The Agile Machine is the IT world’s industrial machinery of choice.

Handling machinery can be a dangerous activity. The Agile Machine is no exception and must be treated with the upmost respect! Operated correctly and well maintained The Agile Machine will provide you and your delivery team with many years of pleasure.  Operated incorrectly and poorly maintained it will at best stutter and stall, failing to deliver the benefits promised, and at worst lead to catastrophic failure, the consequences of which do not bear thinking about; the return of out-sourced waterfall! 

Please ensure you read the safety instructions thoroughly before operating.

(c) The Agile Machine

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